Work in St Helens

Work for One Call Taxis in St Helens

It takes around four weeks to become a licensed driver in St Helens. Before you can get a licence, you must:

  • Have a satisfactory DBS certificate
  • Have a satisfactory Group 2 Medical certificate
  • Have a satisfactory DVLA Mandate
  • Have passed the Essential Skills Assessment.

Please contact our Recruitment Team on 0151 800 1111 for advice on how to become a taxi driver in St Helens.

The steps you need to complete are:

  • Email St Helens Council to book your first appointment with them:
  • While you’re waiting for your appointment to come through, read the taxi licensing policy for what you need to become a licensed driver
  • At your first appointment, take a bank card with you to pay the DBS, DVLA mandate and application fee.  You also need to take the following:
    • Proof of identity/address (utility bill or bank statement no more than three months old)
    • A completed driver application form
    • Passport (if you don’t have a passport, a birth certificate is required; if your passport was issued outside of the EU, a certificate of good character from your embassy will be required)
    • A DVLA mandate check code (this can be generated by visiting the DVLA website and providing your DVLA driver’s licence number, your National Insurance number and the postcode displayed on your licence
    • DVLA driver’s licence.
  • You’ll be given a Group 2 medical certificate to be completed by your GP. The fee for the medical will be set by your medical practitioner.
  • You’ll need to confirm if you have any convictions, cautions or health conditions.
  • You will be booked onto the next available Essential Skills Assessment
  • To complete your DBS, you need to produce three of the following documents:
    • Passport (any current and valid passport).
    • UK bio-metric residence permit.
    • DVLA driver licence (UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man only).
    • Birth certificate (UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man (including those issued by UK authorities overseas, for example Embassies, High Commissions & HM Forces)).
    • Bank, building society, mortgage or credit card statement (issued in the last three months).
    • Council tax statement (issued in the last 12 months)
    • Adoption certificate (UK and Channel Islands only).
    • Marriage/civil partnership certificate (UK and Channel Islands only).
    • Immigration document, visa or work permit.
    • HM Forces ID card (UK only).
    • Firearms licence (UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man only).

Vocationally Recognised Qualification (VRQ)

  • New applicants will now be given the option to begin work as a licensed driver before completing the VRQ training. You will need to complete the training and provide the certificate of qualification within the first six months of the licence or it will be suspended.

Second Appointment & Required Documents

  • Once you have received your DBS certificate, your Group 2 Medical and passed the Essential Skills Assessment you will need to arrange a second appointment.
  • You will also need to the following to the final appointment:
    • Essential Skills pass letter.
    • Your VRQ pass certificate (if you have it at this time).
    • Your Group 2 medical certificate (the date this is signed should be no more than two months before your final appointment).
    • Your DBS certificate.
  • At this second appointment, providing you have brought everything you need and there are no other unforeseen problems, then you will be issued with your one or three-year taxi driver licence.

For more information please go to:

Or contact our Recruitment Team on 0151 800 1111 for guidance on how to get on the road.